Your Kind Words

Thank you Photokraft for creating this beautiful memory!

I am extremely happy with the quality of the photographs delivered. Sajjad is an extremely professional baby photographer and he is very skilled in handling the baby during the shoot. I would definitely recommend him to everyone who has a baby shoot in mind and am reasonably sure that they will get their money's worth with photokraft :) Thank you photokraft for creating this beautiful memory for us.

Rohan Sinha

Just Amazing!

After taking to 15-20 photographers and seeing their work, me and my wife decided to do the photo-shoot of our 8-months old baby with Sajjad. And we think that we made the correct choice. His work is just amazing.

The best part of the photo-shoot was that he didn’t try to push the things to finish the shoot early and waited patiently to capture the pics with natural expressions of baby. We thoroughly enjoyed the photo-shoot

- Mukul Dutt

decided to gift Photo Kraft packages to our friends and family!

Highly recommended....In fact we have decided to gift Photo Kraft packages to our friends and family with babies due to our brilliant experience . Sajjad is a thorough professional and magic with babies . The end results were absolutely breathtaking and we are thrilled with the whole experience.

Ningku Lachungpa

Captures the love and tenderness in the parent and child!

He has great imagination and the best part is he has the ability to transcribe those imaginations on print that is seen in all his pics. He captures the love and tenderness in the parent and child relationship beautifully..He has the knack to capture moments and make them look special that otherwise would have appeared normal Would definitely recommend him if you want to capture your best moments for lifetime

Madhuri Kumar

Beautiful Moments of My Life!

The perfect way of turning two Mango ppl into poster ppl. Mr Sajjad was so interactive from our first talk, that i immediately knew that he is the one who can make my maternity shoot a success. Thanks to him for capturing the beautiful moments of my life, so that i can nurture them life long. All the best Sajjad for your future ventures.

- Dr. Ritu

Everlasting Wonderful Memories!

My family photo shoot with Sajjad felt like a picnic. It was such fun that it brought out the kids in me and my husband too. My 6 year old enjoyed posing for photo uncle. My 6 months toddler felt so comfortable with Mr.Sajjad that we got some everlasting wonderful memories that day! A true professional, creative photographer and his passion reflects in the photos that he gives. He actually gives memories!

- Swathy Kishore

Hats OFF for Your Work!

The Best Man for Handling New Born ! Hats OFF ! for Your Work Sajjad ! The way you make the baby comfy with you for the photo shoot is amazing. My perfect decision for selecting you. Rather I Ended Up taking more packages with him and will be keep taking you for the baby.

- Nimit Agarwal

It was like an outing!

Photographing babies – you need to know them and you need to be one!

When I booked Sajjad for an outdoor session for my 10 month old, I expected to love a max of 10 photos. Guess what — we ended up upgrading our package while finalizing the photos ☺ Sajjad has loads of patience and our baby(generally cranky with new people around) got comfortable with him in no time! It was more like an outing than a photo session – we just enjoyed it. We finally found someone who can capture our son’s growing years. Looking forward for the next outing with Sajjad!


Incredible photos!

We had a photo session with Mr. Sajjad for our 8 month old son and obviously when I met him to talk about this I had a lot of expectations and during the shoot I saw the way he worked his skill around our baby and his mood. As a mother I was so happy watching my baby enjoying his photo shoot. Though we prepared for it well, I was impressed with how much thought Mr. Sajjad put into getting small things that could help him capture our baby’s attention and how he let us know time and again how we were doing that was really encouraging!

All being said, I just received the pictures and our minds are just blown away by how incredible the photos have turned out to be. Every snap captured our son’s expression of love, happiness and curiosity. I look at those pictures everyday and no matter how many years roll by I will be able to exactly look at it and tell you the story of how our son grew up 🙂 Thank you Mr. Sajjad for helping me get that.

Zebulon M

Extremely professional!

Extremely professional & expert at his trait! Sajjad is a natural when it comes to kids. He has captured some really beautiful memories for us. Strongly recommended for anyone who is looking for candid kids photography.

Divya Agrawal

Thanks for the wonderful photos!

Thanks for the wonderful photos. It was a cherishing photoshoot experience which we had. I have seen numerous positive reviews about your photo shoots and I have experienced that it is 100% true. You were very accommodating and went the extra mile to get wonderful pics of my daughter. Your patience and dedication are really appreciated. The photos at both Lalbagh and home were very natural and thoroughly professional. I believe the effort which you put into connecting with the child is the most important ingredient for the wonderful photos which you come up with. Once again thanks a lot for the wonderful photos.


Commendable work !

Commendable work done by Sajjad, Photokraft Photography. It was great working with him. He is highly professional and a passionate photographer. He made my lil one very comfortable and took her pics. I was amazed with the work he shared. Thanks to Sajjad for giving me and my family with such a great memory.

Mrudula V

Cherishing Photoshoot Experience!

Awesome pictures. Thank you Sajjad for giving us such a lovely memory. We just love your photographs of my baby Tashvi.

Sudheer Kumar

Extremely professional!

Though unconventional in their approach, the experience of shooting a Lifestyle Session with Photokraft of our 8month old daughter was delightful. Mr. Sajjad's grasp & passion on photography was exceptional and most of all the efforts made by him to make the baby comfortable was commendable. I would definitely recommend Photokraft!!

Poojitha P

Incredibly Beautiful Photos!

A true professional right from the first phone call to the delivery of the finished products at the end. You stayed calm, composed, timely, collaborative, giving 100s of choices and ensuring that we knew exactly what we were getting. We started with an idea of having couple of good pictures for our second child and you made it into a priceless bouquet of family moments that’s now treasured for times to come.

The photos are incredibly beautiful and capture the family moments amazingly well. I love the mini film, we are incredibly happy with everything. Thank you for your professionalism on the day and the way you made all of us feel. We found the whole process incredibly stress free even though we are not the most natural people in front of the camera!

I am writing this after having shared the photos, video and album to family and friends. They loved your work! Your fieldwork has a touch of class, passion and lots of empathy. The final outcomes show your mastery over the art.

You are awesome!

Ashwin & Family

Pleasure & Honer to work with him!

Sajjad, what can i say!! , well you can call him sanyasi, who left every thing in pursuit of telling story's through his lenses. It is very hard to find people who are as passionate as him and when you find them, you are a fool to let them go, its a pleasure and a honer to work with him and knowing him.

Shyam Vyda

Photos Very Unique & Beautiful!

I had a wonderful experience. The final pics which are given by you are very unique and beautiful. Hats off to your patience and dedication. Also I should thank you for your innovative thoughts especially for the suspender pics. Overall thanks for capturing our sweet memories and looking forward to take more photo shoots in future! Thank you for everything!

Shravan Neela

Thank You does not Convey Our Gratitude!

Thank You does not convey our gratitude enough for Sajjad. As with everyone, we wanted the special moment of our child’s birth captured in the best way and a memory trove created. You’ve helped us achieve that with your warmth, skill and genuine concern/affection when handling our baby. The photographs have come out very well and everyone in the family was very pleased to see them. Thank You very much for your patience on the shoot day and your skill. Our little one was cranky but you managed to soothe him and capture the best possible shots in the smallest of time windows he gave you. Take Care, Sajjad and Thank You again.

Thank you for everything,

Anu and Nakul

His Assurances Proficiency Exudes!

It was a very professional and warm experience while shooting with the team from Photokraft., especially their photographer Sajjad was very co-operative and also made every effort to ensure that the baby was comfortable with the shoot at the same time never compromised on quality photoworks.
His assurances/profeciency exudes in the end result as we were more than happy with the quality of the portfolio creaated for our little daughter.

In short the experience was delightful, worthy and well beyond my expectations.

Pavuluri Promad

200% Satisfaction!

What you have caught on film is captured forever.... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.. Photokraft/Sajjad, initially just one look at your work I decided YOU ARE THE PERSON who’s going to do this.... Though we had a very small conversation initially, I felt you can deliver & which you did with 200% satisfaction. Sajjad " In this busy world, time is a very important factor, when I gave you the responsibility, You just delivered what no one expected. You visited the place before the event to know the place. And on the event day you were there in the venue much before anyone of us, a person who is so dedicated to his job. A week later I got to know that you had a road accident just the previous night of the event & You never let us know about this on the day of event & the entire event you were so active... You are a complete Professional whom I have ever met... Hats off to You... Everyone in my Family was so comfortable with you & the way you co-operated with others. I would say more than a client a good friend.. " After seeing the effort & work you have done anyone would be impressed....

I will keep writing about you & the experience we had, this can never be short because there is so much i can say about u & your work...


Our Sons Personality has been Captured Beautifully!

A memory is only as good as the photographs so I am glad we decided to go with Photokraft... one look at his work and our budget worries went flying out of the window. We celebrated our son turning 1 with a photo shoot and what a good time we had . Photokraft is very professional, engaging, fun  and with an eye for capturing  moments we didn't know existed. Our sons personality has been captured beautifully. His quality and creativity are worth mentioning.We will definitely keep in touch with Photokraft for future photo shoots.

 Aafia A

Punctual with your Timings & Committed!

We love the photographs. It captures that very special day like a vivid memory that we can now touch & feel. Thank you for capturing it so beautifully. It's iust an added bonus that you were accomodating and very punctual with your timings & committed dates. Thank you for that.

Vikas Anand

Brilliant in Shooting Exciting Moments!

When a professional photographer like you covers birthday celebrations of a 10 year old girl, it is all about catching the right moments with 360 degree activities going around ,with all children jumping about.  Sajjad  you were  brilliant in shooting exciting moments much to the liking of both parents and children. Your genuine interest in involving yourself with children's activities is perhaps the secret of your fine work. Your dedication and devotion towards your skill is highly commendable. Your warm heart with your fine skill with your focus is "sone pe suhaga"

Love and Light,


Really Amazing how he gets into minds of so many people!

It really feels good when some one feel passionate about their work & when you become part of their work...I feel People Photography & Places are the 3 Ps this wonderful photographer is passionate about. Photography is not just photography for him its People + Places. He becomes part of the people he is working with, thats something makes him & his work unique.Its really amazing how he gets into minds of so many people & make them part of his work, the way he captures moments in any event makes us understand his experience in not just photography but the way he looks at Life as whole...Way to go Bro! Wish you all the best for all your future endeavours & assignments..

Dinesh Surineni

Bringing the Best out of Shraddha!

Amazing Snaps, great experience. We will cherish these for a lifetime. First I was not very much interested in this but now I know that what I could have missed.

Thanks for encouraging us to go ahead of the shoot despite of rain and overcast conditions, and bringing the best out of Shraddha J.

Naveen & Ramya

Best & Natural Pictures!

As I look through the photos collection you've put together for me, I can't thank you enough for giving us the most beautiful pictures of our boy. You were able to capture his innocent expressions with your cool, laid back yet enthusiastic approach. I just love the way you shoot in a relaxed way— you make taking pictures of kids look so easy, when I know it's nearly impossible! Those were the best & natural pictures we could ever get clicked for Shabd. Wish to meet you soon and have another set of fabulous photographs !

Rakhi Chawla

Capturing many Beautiful & Natural aspects of our Life!

Photokraft was more a part of my life than just an experience. They've provided us with beautiful memories, which will last for a lifetime. I personally don't consider myself to be photogenic. But, it was all sajjid's and Bharani’s easy nature and good humor which caught us off guard and helped capturing many beautiful and natural aspects of our life. I wish Photokraft all the best and a heartfelt thank you for all the efforts they took to make the most important event of our life, the most beautiful and the most memorable one.

Pujitha Prasad